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In classical myth, the eternal youth belongs to the gods or is their gift. However, since ancient times, mortals are looking for a tool "terrestrial" (ie within their reach), which could be useful to maintain or recover a lasting youth.
The clear water welling up from the earth is not only regarded as necessary support for the life, but is also linked to the blossoming of spring, a symbol of youth. This dream is present in legends from different eras and in different populations and in the Gothic period was represented by the myth of the Fountain of Youth.
According to many legends, the water of the Fountain of Youth heals the disease and rejuvenates the body. Therefore, in the castles and in the mansions of the Renaissance elegant courts, they spread numerous pictorial representations of the Fountain of Youth, on which I will not dwell because you simply type "Fountain of Youth" in the Google search to enter the fabulous world of this myth.

One of these many paintings (see the picture below) representing the legend of the Fountain of Youth is located in a castle very close to where I live:
The Castello della Manta | A short video

© Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti - Photo: L. Soave 1992

It is a fresco dated to about 1420, which I know very well since I was a child, because this castle was a destination for many school trips. And even today I go there every now and then, because it encloses important art treasures of the International Gothic style.


This morning, giving a look at the news online, I came across this curious news:

Rome - Tourists vandals dance naked in the fountain of the '500

After a brief search I found the video of this adventurous happening:

Looking at the performance of these French tourists, visibly drunk, came to my mind the image of the fresco of the Castello della Manta and I wondered if the beneficial effects of water are so easily annihilated by those of the alcohol, especially among young people today.
To tell the truth, perhaps these young vandals have not figured out, in their ineffable ignorance, that they were defacing a fountain dating back to 1500. In any case, they have not had many benefits from this improvised Fountain of Youth. In fact, they were arrested and identified by the local police. They then had to pay a fine of just € 269,00. :|

BBW :wave:


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