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The despicable insult that has been perpetuated since 1948.

Aharon Cizling, prime minister of the government of Israel in 1948:
"Now Jews too have behaved (against the Palestinians) as the Nazis, and my whole soul is troubled."
(Minutes of Israeli cabinet meeting, 17 nov. 1948, Kibbutz Meuhad Archive, section 9 container 9 file 1)

Ben Gurion's Diary, 1 Jan. 1948:
"There needs to be a brutal reaction. We need to be clear about those who we hit. If we accuse a Palestinian family do not need to distinguish between guilty and innocent. We have to hurt him mercilessly, otherwise it would not be effective action".

Moshe Dayan 1967:
"We must tell the Palestinians of the occupied territories that solution does not exist for them, they will continue to live like dogs, and if they want they can go".
(RAFI secretariat meeting in September of 1967, Yossi Beilin, Mehiro shel Ihud)

Chaim Weizmann:
"The British told us that there are niggers in Palestine, people of no value."
(Nur-Eldeen Masalha, Towards the Palestinian refugees, 08/2000)

July 24, 2014:
The Israeli artillery has hit in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, an UNRWA school (the UN agency for refugees) in which large numbers of refugees had found shelter. At least 15 deaths (some of whom were children), while 150 are injured, because in the structure were housed hundreds of people who had sought refuge from the fighting in the area.
It is the fourth time that a structure of the United Nations is hit in the fighting in the Palestinian territory.

July 16, 2014:
The crazy Israel killed six children, four of them were killed on the beach by missiles.………

I am forced to think that Israel is the most despicable insult to the memory of the six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis. How could I think otherwise?
Will I be able to think differently in the future? I think it will be very difficult.

The military plans of  Israeli are to eradicate Hamas and relate mainly to the control of gas reserves in Gaza.
You have to look at everything from the outside - the 122 trillion cubic feet of gas plus the potential of 1.6 billion barrels of crude oil in the basin of the Levant scattered in the territorial waters of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and, of course, Gaza. And Tel Aviv wants them all.
The way in which Gaza is maintained as a concentration camp, subject to mass violence uninterrupted, is already quite revolting. You have to add the economic component: in all possible ways in Gaza must be prevented from accessing the gas fields. These will be swallowed up by Israel. From every point of view, and also in practice, Israel controls all Palestinian natural resources - water, land and energy. For the crazy jailer Netanyahu, as well as for the Knesset, the possibility that the Palestinians have access to their wealth from the gas is insurmountable.
“It is clear that without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement.” Moshe Ya’alon

:bulletred: July 20, 2014
"Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, the majority of deaths and injuries in Gaza are civilians and also the medical workers are becoming a target", says the medical humanitarian organization Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF). "They were mostly women and children - MSF continues - the wounded arrived Sunday morning in the emergency room of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City - where MSF is working - after the heavy bombing of the previous night and the morning in the district Ash Shujàiyeh (Sajaya )".

Also the early childhood centre "The Children of the Earth" at Um al Nasser, a kindergarten founded and financed by the Italian Cooperation has been razed by bulldozers.
The Centre hosted a kindergarten with 130 children and a pediatric clinic. In addition, was also demolished the canteen of the Community, inaugurated two months ago, which provided meals to children and poor families in the village.
This news is confirmed by the non-governmental organization Vento di Terra, who runs the project in the Gaza Strip.…
I am curious to know how the Israeli government justify this act in front of the Italian Cooperation; also in front of the European Community, which provided the money for the construction of that centre.
The president of Vento di Terra says: "It has not been respected the Geneva Convention. We want to be refunded".

I have a nightmare:
I seem to have fallen into a bunch of troglodytes!


Karolus the BigBadWolf
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I do not care where you come from
I do not care about your religion

(Chris Sochanowski

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